I deem it my honour and privilege to serve the cornerstone of our country’s future, our students at MAJU, Rampur.

We strive forward with our strong desire to enhance the skills of our students with every infrastructural upgrade and educational and moral upliftment imaginable so that our students will become capable to countenance the opportunities and challenges of the new era in front of us. The choice –based credit system in all ug/pg programmes will provide everyone with the flexibility of choice within and outside the faculty spectrum. It will provide our students with the skill sets and the progressive perspective to attain worthly jobs and become visionaries in the government sector and the corporate world. It is the outcome of the cooperation of amazing faculty and administrative staff without whom the entire venture would not have been possible.

At MAJU, we should have proudly introduced remedial coaching programmes for English, which are available for all courses. This would stimulate our students to function with the highest measure at the global level.

We are closely examining the possibility of bringing new courses for broadening our student’s choices as we believe that every child is unique and should have the freedom to pursue their dream in life.

I am obliged to be a part of this moment and will continue to stay committed to the ambition of constructing the path of education and learning to be an experience of joy, growth and development at every stage for our students and scholars alike.